The Speechworks Difference

About Speechworks

Founded in 1986 by TV producers Spring Asher and Wicke Chambers, Speechworks delivers an educational approach to coaching the physiological and psychological elements of communication that meet modern expectations in any industry. We support, coach and deliver lasting skills to build confident leaders, influential speakers and effective sellers.

Speechworks’ coaches bring to the table diverse experiences in communications, production, media and corporate business, sharing their effective communication, persuasion and storytelling knowledge. Our breadth and depth of expertise, understanding of our clients' unique needs and deep commitment to improving communications skills provide an environment of trust, compassion and practicality.

“This is not your boring, average, corporate training. Our success lies in our methodology, the caliber of diverse expert coaches and our fun, engaging approach. The Speechworks difference makes a difference.”
- Lauren Marlow, CEO, Speechworks

The Speechworks Story

While producing the Atlanta-based show Noonday, Asher and Chambers saw that their guests had difficulty articulating clear and simple stories and lacked elements of style needed to reach and retain the attention of a broad audience. To address these needs, the duo developed an educational program to help their guests prepare and communicate a clear, engaging and memorable message.

Their training curriculum – later dubbed, the “Speechworks Method” – showed great success, producing immediately visible results in their show guests, all while also equipping them with the skills needed to advance their works and maximize the effectiveness of speaking opportunities.

As the savvy businesswomen they were, Asher and Chambers saw the applicability and usefulness of their training curriculum in many other areas of business and began facilitating their program to leading businesses in Atlanta. From the mid-1980s until 1999, as the word about Speechworks began to spread, Asher and Chambers continued to grow the company as more and more businesses recognized the need for their employees to communicate and listen effectively– not only when presenting, selling, or speaking– but also internally. To efficiently disburse information and communicate ideas, Speechworks also developed strong partnerships with The Georgia Institute of Technology and its Scheller College of Business, and after 25+ years, Speechworks approved faculty still teach the Speechworks Method as a required course for MBA and other masters-level candidates.

In the early 2000s, Joey Asher stepped in to lead the company. A reporter turned lawyer, Joey had a cultivated ability to capture attention through storytelling and to relay important details concisely to make an impression. Under Joey’s stewardship, Speechworks narrowed the scope and focus of the Speechworks Method so that all Speechworks’ communications programs focus on 3 key ideas in a variety of scenarios:

  • Organization;
  • Delivery; and
  • Skillfully handling Q&A.

Joey believed in being the best at one thing – communications skills training – and with that philosophy, Joey took the Speechworks Method from “great” to being “the best around”. Speechworks coached the teams that won the bids to build Truist Stadium, structures for the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and several hospitals, infrastructure projects and other architectural, engineering and construction projects around the country.

Moreover, in running Speechworks, Joey, and his wife and best friend, Johanna, continued and deepened the family-based culture and strong relationships among the coaches and staff who care about each other and the people they get to work with. Many Speechworks’ coaches have been with the company from 10- 30 years, which is a testament to the efforts and investments made over the lifetime of the business and the stability of the organization overall.

In addition to his 20+ years of leading as President of Speechworks, presenting and refining the Speechworks Method, Joey also authored several books and articles, including 15 Minutes Including Q&A: A Plan to Save the World from Lousy Presentations and others, which can be found in our Resources.

Now at the helm are Lauren Marlow, CEO, and Jason Werner, CRO – each, as former advisors to the company were drawn to the opportunity to be a part of a business that did good, useful work having an immediate impact at individual and team levels. Speechworks also has the amazing support of Amanda Mataski, Speechworks’ long-time Director of Operations, and our all-star roster of amazing coaches.

Using our unique style and approach to draw out a person’s ability to make connections and communicate persuasively, Speechworks has coached and assisted thousands – from the C suite of Fortune 500 companies to entry-level employees of main street – in achieving confidence and success with better communication.

Today, communicating effectively in a virtual environment or office has become more of the norm, vs. the niche, so our training helps leaders lead in all evolving communication environments. Speechworks is committed to helping leaders, professionals and teams learn, develop and refine the skills needed to communicate in a clear and persuasive manner as well as foster supportive learning environments where you, your leadership and your teams will see an immediate impact.

We offer our services in person at our Atlanta offices, can come to your organization wherever you are located and have virtual programs to fit your specific needs. We serve clients locally, nationally and globally, impacting people and businesses all over the world.

The Speechworks Difference

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Fun, Engaging Learning Environment

Limited class sizes create a friendly, intimate setting that eliminates the stress of speaking in front of a large group while practicing new skills. Our sessions are relaxed and fun to help our attendees participate actively and authentically.

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Practical Coaching Techniques

Our experienced coaches have worked with businesses from many industries and can quickly adapt to the needs of your business and unique situations. We believe that individual approaches will yield greater results than a one-size-fits-all solution.

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Immediate Feedback and Impact

The combination of our on-camera exercises and immediate feedback from coaches allows participants to gain awareness of what their audience sees and to practice techniques that improve presence and delivery.