Christy O’Neill

Christy O’Neill, MBA

Communication Coach

My path to becoming a communications coach has been filled with energy, effort, and great joy! Helping professionals find their confidence in speaking is a shared reward. It surprises many that prior to joining Speechworks I was a full-time tax accountant. The transition from accountant to communications coach may seem odd – as accountants are not generally known for being great speakers – but over the course of my career, I developed the ability and skill to present dry and complex tax material to a client as well as advocate on their behalf before the IRS and other taxing agencies. My practice was successful because of good results – not only because I knew the laws and regulations, but because I could read a room, build rapport, foster relationships, and speak with clients and taxing agents at a level they could understand and trust. Translating a complex topic into a language we can all understand, and making it interesting for others, is a superpower of sorts, and I love to help individuals learn these skills by embracing Speechworks’ method and philosophy.

If you can’t communicate and talk to other people and get across your ideas, you’re giving up your potential. – Warren Buffet