Neeli Shah

Neeli Shah, JD., LL.M.

Communication Coach

With an extensive background as a trust and estates attorney, I have had the privilege of working with numerous business owners, executives, and individuals to deliver comprehensive and palpable strategic plans. Throughout my 13 years of experience in the legal industry, I developed the skills to communicate complex legal issues and individualized objectives to a diverse client base in a concise and relatable manner. As a communications coach with Speechworks, I rely on these skills, and the Speechworks Method, to help empower people with the tools to express themselves clearly and reach their goals. I am passionate about coaching teams and individuals to become effective communicators, and I believe that everyone has the potential to deliver a powerful, persuasive message that resonates with their audience.

We are passionate about what we do. We think it’s really important that people learn to articulate their ideas in a way that connects with people using a very simple methodology for organizing your ideas.