Whether you are presenting a high-level sales pitch, giving a presentation or leading a meeting, words (and how you use them) have the power to create a meaningful connection with your audience.

Speechworks has helped countless executives, leaders and company team members speak in a clear and compelling way through our workshops, individual coaching, and skills-based public speaking instruction. Our proven educational framework teaches our clients a practical approach. It gives them access to the tools they can leverage to level up their communication skills, elevate their professional presence, and further develop their leadership skills. We emphasize simple and persuasive communication to cultivate connection and inspire confidence, tieing in elements of storytelling, vocal expression, and delivery style to gain credibility.

Julie Lindsey, Speechworks Communication Coach, joined our team after a successful career in broadcast journalism sharing her talents with BBC and CNN. She explains in this video below one of the key reasons why corporate executives rely on Speechworks to help them hone their communication skills, executive presence and prepare for keynotes and other high-stakes presentations.

As Leonard DaVinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” The backbone of effective executive-level communication is gaining the ability to say more with less talk.

Speechworks’ Leadership Training is specifically designed to enhance comfort and confidence when speaking and leading others. Our workshops use a combination of role-playing, video recording, and individualized coaching techniques to help our clients see immediately visible results that they can carry through to boost their effectiveness in any business discussion.

Regardless of how comfortable and polished we may be as a speaker, we all have room to grow when it comes to connecting with each unique audience. At Speechworks, we can help you and your organization’s leadership overcome the challenges of connecting through effective communications to launch business objectives forward.

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