Is Your Presentation As Good As Dairy Queen?


Sometimes I’ll hear a dynamic speaker with fancy slides and think, “Yeah. But she wasn’t as good as Dairy Queen.” Let me explain. One year, my wife and I celebrated our wedding anniversary at Bacchanalia, which, on its website, bills itself as “Atlanta’s most celebrated restaurant featuring contemporary American cuisine.” For dessert, I had the … Read More

Solutions + Stories = Great Sales Pitch


When you’re selling services and other intangible things, it’s important to include a proposed solution to the prospect’s challenge and a story about how that solution has worked in the past. That solution coupled with a story is one of the only ways for a prospect to get a true feel for what they’re buying. … Read More

Keys to Engaging Conference Calls


“When I’m leading a conference call, I know that there are people reading their email, working on memos and not paying attention. Are there any tricks to making people paying pay closer attention?” We get that question a lot. Here’s our answer. Yes. There is a trick to making people pay more attention. You need … Read More

The History of the Motivational Speech


To our mind, there’s nothing much more motivational than John Belushi’s (aka Bluto Blutarski) famous speech at the end of the movie “Animal House” when he is trying to motivate his sad sack fraternity brothers. “Over? Did you say over? NOTHING is over until WE decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed … Read More

What is the Purpose of Public Speaking? To Change the World!


I don’t know who said it first, but here is my favorite quotation about public speaking: “The only reason to give a speech is to change the world.” I love it because it touches on a fundamental — but not obvious – question: “Why do we give speeches?” I agree that you speak to change … Read More

What if I go blank?


This terrifying thought has crossed the mind of every public speaker. But if you are a non-native speaker delivering a presentation in English, it’s an even greater concern. In my work with non-native speakers, I have seen presenters go blank searching for the specific English word they need to make a point. It happened this … Read More