Checklist for a Winning New Business Presentation

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Watch the recorded webinar “How to Separate Yourself from the Competition with a Presentation” How do I communicate in a way that is credible and assertive but that I can still be myself? I recently read surgeon and journalist Atul Gawande’s bestseller “The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right.” It’s about the amazing power … Read More

Help Your Stories with a Healthy Helping of Schmaltz

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Watch the recorded webinar “Discussion with Expert on Managing Virtual Teams” I was helping a client with a story he planned to tell as part of his presentation. “You know what this story needs?” I said. “This story needs some schmaltz.” He gave me a confused look. “You don’t know what schmaltz is?” I said. … Read More

Leadership Communication for Women

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Watch the recorded webinar “Online Leadership Presence for Women” How do I communicate in a way that is credible and assertive but that I can still be myself? We hear that a lot from women as they try to grow their careers. They want to come across as professional. But they don’t want to lose … Read More

How to Improve Your PowerPoint Presentation?


There’s an actual political party in Switzerland called The Anti-PowerPoint Party. Don’t believe me? Then check out this website. I don’t bring this up because I hate PowerPoint. It’s a fine piece of software for creating visuals to illustrate a presentation. But I do think that we need to rethink how we use the presentation … Read More

Should I Start my Presentation with a Joke?


Watch the recorded webinar “How to Start Any Presentation” “I like to break the ice with a joke.” We hear that all the time. But how does a joke break the ice? Usually jokes thicken the ice because they are neither funny, nor relevant. Sometimes the joke is offensive, turning off substantial portions of the … Read More

Five Rules for Team Presentations

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Watch the recorded webinar “Five Rules for Team Presentations” Just because three of you have to give a presentation together, doesn’t mean that you’ll come across as a strong team. Indeed, one of the biggest tests for a team presentation is just seeming like a group of people that works well together. Here are five … Read More

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Questions


In our communication skills workshops, we spend a good bit of time focused on Q&A. In fact, we feel it’s probably the most important element of a presentation. It’s when what really matters to the listeners gets addressed. It’s also the point at which the speaker’s credibility is tested and confirmed (or destroyed…yikes!). Here are … Read More

Impromptu Communication in a Virtual World

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Watch the recorded webinar “Impromptu Communication in a Virtual World” One of the biggest challenges in business is to deliver clear, persuasive messages with little or no preparation. But it’s easy with a few simple templates and a little practice. Template 1: Three Simple Points. This template works great when you have a little time … Read More