Approach Media as a Business Tool

Executive Media Training

Deliver Exceptional Communication in Interviews, Across Social Media, and in Emergencies

Executive Media TrainingIn today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, information-sharing is only a fingertip away from both companies and consumers. At Speechworks, we can help you develop confidence and proficiency with media presentation platforms and show you how to approach media as a business tool that can be utilized in presenting your company or brand through effective and persuasive communication.

Recorded interviews, corporate story-telling and establishing image are all components of twenty-first-century media that executives should be able to navigate with confidence. Let us help you identify areas for improvement and provide you with tried and true methods for presenting yourself and your brand as the executive you are.

Media Relations

Whether in the workplace or in public, executives are under the microscope. Learning to present an image of yourself and your company in a clear and receptive manner is essential to building your brand. Formal interviews, meet and greets, press conferences and special guest opportunities all require poise and control in order to deliver concise and comprehensive responses.

Media & Social Media Monitoring

In the age of social media it is important to be aware of the image you and your brand present online. Monitoring images, videos, comments and reactions are key components of branding. Social media can become a powerful tool for storytelling and brand development when utilized properly. Our team can teach you the fundamentals of maintaining a positive social media presence and how to properly engage an online audience by developing a unique speaking and engagement style.

Crisis Management/Crisis Communications

Crises are unpredictable and come in many forms. As a leader, it is important to represent your company and brand through difficulties with poise and confidence. Addressing your employees, the public or media outlets with clear and concise messaging is key to turning a difficult situation into a success. Our executive coaches can teach you the fundamentals of posture, direct communication and how to approach uncomfortable public situations that require a response from leadership.

Utilize our public speaking framework for media interviews. Our instruction methods include on-camera exercises, immediate feedback and individualized coaching to develop strong media-facing skills, such as:

  • Delivery skills that reinforce the message.
  • Tricks of the trade... thinking like a reporter or producer.
  • Maintaining control of the interview.
  • Focusing the message.
  • Talking in soundbites.
  • Handling negative and hostile questions.
  • Bridging.

“The training was presented in such a way that I saw an immediate improvement in my presentation skills.” – Analyst, Southeastern Data Cooperative

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    About Our Speaking Workshops

    All of our speaking programs are offered as open enrollment workshops. The workshops are limited to small groups, and each one utilizes digital video paired with individualized feedback from a professional communication coach.

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    About Speechworks

    Speechworks delivers an educational approach to coaching the physiological and psychological elements of public communication. We work with corporate entities and individuals to support, coach and deliver lasting skills that build confident leaders, influential speakers and effective sellers.

    Our goal is to help clients learn and apply tools for authentic and powerful communication while remaining calm and focused, creating life-changing results.