Great Communication is Crucial to Success

Individualized Executive Speaking Coaching

Implement Customized Strategies Designed to Fit Your Unique Needs and Resolve Communication Barriers

Individualized Executive CoachingGreat communication is crucial to success as a leader. We provide individual and small-group coaching opportunities for executives and corporate leaders to develop comprehensive solutions to help you deliver powerful and compelling communication skills. From Wall Street road-show pitches and high-stakes shareholder meetings to sales meetings and internal presentations, we understand that your objectives are unique to your business goals.

Learn and apply individualized methods to speak like the executive you are meant to be across the various settings required by your industry and environment.

Interested in executive coaching in person or virtually?

We offer flexible coaching arrangements, please contact us to discuss your needs. Here’s how we teach virtually:

  • Skills-based webinar followed by two, three-hour live video coaching sessions.
  • Two progressive modules where participants create and practice presentations.

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We offer flexible coaching arrangements, please contact us to discuss your needs.

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    About Our Speaking Workshops

    All of our speaking programs are offered as open enrollment workshops. The workshops are limited to small groups, and each one utilizes digital video paired with individualized feedback from a professional communication coach.

    Other Speaking Workshops

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    An intensive, two-day workshop that covers the wide variety of settings in which professionals must be able to communicate effectively. From formal presentations, to interactive meetings, to conference calls and impromptu Q&A, the ability to connect and persuade is crucial to success.

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    An intensive, two-day workshop designed to address communication and presentation skills for professional women. From confidence in formal presentations to authority in impromptu situations, the ability to connect and persuade is crucial to being recognized as a leader.

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    Speechworks can help you develop confidence and proficiency with media presentation platforms and show you how to approach media as a business tool that can be utilized in presenting your company or brand through effective and persuasive communication.

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    Speechworks can help your team develop and execute presentation strategies that will align sales and business objectives with passion and create a clear vision of the future for prospects.

    About Speechworks

    Speechworks delivers an educational approach to coaching the physiological and psychological elements of public communication. We work with corporate entities and individuals to support, coach and deliver lasting skills that build confident leaders, influential speakers and effective sellers.

    Our goal is to help clients learn and apply tools for authentic and powerful communication while remaining calm and focused, creating life-changing results.