What Our Clients Say

Speechworks is focused on delivering a more personalized and tailored approach to communication development. The result advances communication skills and executive presence for greater engagement and influence-- and in less time.

“Excellent! Well worth our time.”
– Jeff D., Southern Company

“Fantastic! It stretched me! I learned many techniques.”
– Kristine R., Kroger

“I loved it. I especially appreciated getting to work with a mentor in a small group.”
– Kristy G., Rollins/Crittercontrol

“Informative. Made us think of aspects of my presence I wasn’t aware of.”
– Todd H., Rollins/Westernpost

“Awesome! Loved the ability to have direct reaction and building to improve.”
– Micah J., Rollins

“Made an uncomfortable subject comfortable and performed in a manner that stretched me in a safe environment.”
– Blake M., Southern Company

“Loved the small group format and provided a practical, simple framework that I can use for all presentations in the future.”
– Jessa B., Bank of America

“The breakout sessions were the most helpful. The one-on-one guidance and help is what I will remember most.”
– Krystal A., GreshamSmith

“Very specific and targeted to a certain skill. That’s refreshing. Good to watch videos.”
– Devon T., Southern Company

“Helpful on how to structure presentations for most impact.”
– Meredith P., Bank of America

“The transformation that we saw in our group’s communication abilities was beyond anyone’s expectations. The icing on the cake was building strong bonds within the group and establishing a long-lasting support system that I am sure each of us will rely on to continue our learning journey.”
– Dmitri F., Wells Fargo

The Speechworks Difference

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One Coach to Five Participants

We employ a 1:5 coach-to-participant ratio, ensuring a deeper and more personalized development experience. Most communication training companies have higher ratios, often ranging from 1:10 or 1:12, some even higher.

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Tailored Team

We regularly deliver workshops to entire teams in areas including Sales, IT, Finance, Marketing, Legal, Human Resources, Operations, and Bid Capture Teams. We tailor these workshops to make our learning relevant.

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Communication Development

It’s all we do! Message Organization, Skillful Delivery, Executive Presence, Handling Q&A, Developing Women Executives, Private Coaching and Media Skills.