Help Your Capture Teams Win More Business

How to Win a Pitch

Developing pitch presentations skills for your capture teams.

Win A Pitch VideoDesigned specifically for Architect, Construction, and Engineering firms. Teach your capture teams best practices to win more business. Speechworks offers two ways to help your capture teams win more business. The first is to teach them the process. The second is to coach them on how to effectively apply and use the process in a real new business opportunity. Our programs prepare your team in the following key areas:

  • Identifying and summarizing the client’s business issue or need in a concise manner.
  • Developing messaging that is memorable and impactful.
  • Coaching presenters in the areas of engagement and executive presence.
  • Understanding what clients are looking for in a presentation.
  • Prepping team to handle Q&A in a way that builds credibility and trust.
  • Ensuring proper flow and hand-offs from one presenter to the next.
  • Presenting the capture team as one the client will want to work with.

Pursuit Coaching

A small investment with the potential for a big return.
When there is a lot at stake in a new business presentation, or a pitch capture opportunity, many of our clients bring Speechworks in to help them win.  They understand that their credibility is largely impacted by how passionately they present themselves to the client team.  Staying on point and demonstrating a unique understanding of client issues and recommended solutions is an effective way to set themselves apart from their competitors.



Time Commitment

One or two-day sessions depending on your team’s need and depth of learning desired.

“Appreciate the focus on the elements of presentation, and not just content, which is unique from previous similar trainings I’ve been a part of.” - Eric L., GreshamSmith

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    The Speechworks Difference

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    One Coach to Five Participants

    We employ a 1:5 coach-to-participant ratio, ensuring a deeper and more personalized development experience. Most communication training companies have higher ratios, often ranging from 1:10 or 1:12, some even higher.

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    Tailored Team

    We regularly deliver workshops to entire teams in areas including Sales, IT, Finance, Marketing, Legal, Human Resources, Operations, and Bid Capture Teams. We tailor these workshops to make our learning relevant.

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    Communication Development

    It’s all we do! Message Organization, Skillful Delivery, Executive Presence, Handling Q&A, Developing Women Executives, Private Coaching and Media Skills.

    Other Speaking Workshops

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    An intensive, two-day workshop that covers the wide variety of settings in which professionals must be able to communicate effectively. From formal presentations, to interactive meetings, to conference calls and impromptu Q&A, the ability to connect and persuade is crucial to success.

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    An intensive, two-day workshop designed to address communication and presentation skills for professional women. From confidence in formal presentations to authority in impromptu situations, the ability to connect and persuade is crucial to being recognized as a leader.

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    Speechworks can help you develop confidence and proficiency with media presentation platforms and show you how to approach media as a business tool that can be utilized in presenting your company or brand through effective and persuasive communication.

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    Implement customized strategies designed to fit the unique needs of your sphere of influence and resolve communication barriers. We provide individual and small-group coaching opportunities for executives and corporate leaders to develop comprehensive solutions to help you deliver powerful and compelling communication skills.

    About Speechworks

    Speechworks delivers an educational approach to coaching the physiological and psychological elements of public communication. We work with corporate entities and individuals to support, coach and deliver lasting skills that build confident leaders, influential speakers and effective sellers.

    Our goal is to help clients learn and apply tools for authentic and powerful communication while remaining calm and focused, creating life-changing results.